In the heart of Italy's ceramic district

REMIX is born in Sassuolo, the heart of the Italian ceramic industry. The company enters the market with great enthusiasm to meet the growing demand for customized solutions and quickly establishes itself as a leader in the production of industrial compounds, respecting two key pillars that will remain constant in its identity: excellence and innovation.

From REWHITE®...

The high production capacity expressed through the wet milling of raw materials initially enabled the production of the REWHITE® whitener... REBIG

...and subsequently the production of REBIG industrial pastes for the manufacturing of ceramic slabs.

Continuous research

These products are the result of meticulous research that began in 2001. At REMIX, research plays a vital role and is carried out in the company's internal laboratory composed of experienced technicians who are involved daily in experimenting with new products, as well as quality control of approved products before they leave the production facility for delivery to the customer.

Made in Italy in the world

The quality and technical performance that characterize REMIX's Made in Italy work are highly appreciated abroad, and several countries have opened their doors to its professionalism.

REMIX is synonymous with concrete solidity, ethics, and reliability that go beyond market changes. Those who choose REMIX can be assured of purchasing products made with meticulously selected raw materials and perfected in safe working environments.

Sustainable and local production

Two plants that are able to ensure production processes respectful of available resources and costs to be incurred, capable of making the entire supply chain sustainable not only in terms of the environment but also economically.

Veggia di Casalgrande

At the Veggia di Casalgrande plant, the REWHITE® whitener is produced and stored


At the Ostellato plant, the REBIG ceramic compounds are produced and stored

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