Environmental labelling

Remix has decided to provide information regarding the nature of the tertiary packaging it uses, not only on the transport documents provided to customers but also on its website to make this information easily accessible.

Starting from January 1st, 2023, in Italy, it is mandatory to indicate the nature of all packaging (primary, secondary, and tertiary), i.e., the material that composes them, for their identification and classification, as indicated in Commission Decision No. 97/129/EC.

The "Guidelines on environmental labeling for the correct fulfillment of packaging labeling obligations" adopted by Ministerial Decree No. 360 of 2022 highlight the possibility for B2B companies to use transport documents and product sheets, as well as digital channels, in substitution or in addition to labeling present on the packaging. This is because for some types of packaging, there are technological and production limitations that prevent the printing of environmental labels on the packaging.

Big Bag PP 5 Plastic
Pallet FOR 50 Wood
Paper bag PAP 22 Paper
Plastic bag LDPE 4 Plastic
Streachable film LDPE 4 Plastic
Cap LDPE 4 Plastic
PE Sheets LDPE 4 Plastic

Organizational, Management, and Control Model of the Code of Ethics

Remix acknowledges the importance of ethical and social values in work and business and is committed to a healthy and responsible management of its activities, to a transparent and sincere relationship with social interlocutors, and to respecting the community of which it is part.

In reference to Legislative Decree 231/2001, the company has formally established an Organizational, Management, and Control Model of the Code of Ethics. The adopted Model arises from the need, both regulatory and practical, to successfully address the complexity of the situations in which the company operates, clearly defining the set of values it is inspired by and wants to be respected.

REMIX has indeed adopted as an indispensable principle, loyalty, respect for the individual, transparency in operations, rejection of corruption and unfair competition, and, in general, absolute respect for the laws and regulations in force in the territory where it operates.

In line with the preventive purpose of preventing illegal activities that the Code aims to achieve, REMIX has appointed a Surveillance Body (ODV) that oversees the conduct of its activities and intervenes with corrective actions. It has therefore implemented a whistleblowing management system, which allows for the submission of anonymous reports, thus ensuring the confidentiality of the identity of the reporter and the individuals involved.

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