Whiteners and Compounds
for ceramic slabs

REMIX is a continuously expanding company with its roots grounded in Sassuolo, at the heart of the Italian ceramic industry.

Since its foundation, the company has earned a leading position in the production of whitening agents and industrial compounds suitable for the production of ceramic slabs.



The most advanced technological solution for glazes, engobes and ceramic compounds.

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REBIG Technical, coloured and super white ceramic bodies suitable for the production of ceramic slabs.

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A new identity for REMIX

REMIX inaugurated 2024 with two important innovations aimed at ensuring the company's growth and...

REMIX joins AllForTiles 2024

REMIX will participate together with C.B.C. at the AllForTiles fair scheduled for May 14-15, 2024...

Betting on growth

Work has begun on the expansion of the ReMix production plant in Ostellato (FE), an industrial...